welcoming places with strong identities through temporary interventions

Shaping place identities

Cities need effective tools to adapt — especially in times of increasing social, economic and environmental uncertainty. Meanwhile projects are an important part of city resilience and when done well, they can enhance a city's ability to accelerate both physical and behavioural changes, course-correct and recover in face of adversity.

Offering 30+ actionable lessons, best practices and inspiration for city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers, Meanwhile City is a 160+ page guide on how to use temporary interventions to shape the identity of places and build active communities around them.

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NOV 2022
Bratislava SK


An introduction of Meanwhile City publication and discussion on how meanwhile projects are changing from an experiment to an integral part of placemaking. Hosted by Stará Tržnica – a re-activated city market hall featured in the publication.

To talk about temporary interventions with thought leaders in the business, we've organized Milk lectures, discussions and workshops in London, Prague and Bratislava.

We're very thankful to have featured speakers such as Carl Truner (Turner Works), Nick Searl (Argent) and countless representatives of private developers and municipalities alike.

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Diligently researched, clearly edited and beautifully designed by Milk, Meanwhile City is available worldwide at several bookstores listed below.

Free copies have also been distributed to municipalities and organizations in placemaking, urban planning and architecture.

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Meanwhile City was conceived and produced by Milk, in a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers and editors led by the architect Petra Marko, who build local identities for cities, districts and places.

Petra Marko
Architect, London
Martin Jenča
Strategist, Bratislava
Zuzana Kvetková
Editor, Cambridge
Radim Lisa
Researcher, Prague

We work with city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers on design and communication projects that nurture healthier communities and kinder cultures. Through research, narratives and content-driven activation, we engage audiences in growing relationships to places, building active communities around them.

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